The Moorlife Range


An affordable luxury

How often have you wanted to find a range of skin and body care products that were completely natural, herbal and without potentially harmful preservatives or synthetic fragrances?

How many natural skin and body care products have you tried that are natural, herbal, or a combination of science and nature, but have not fulfilled their promise?

The Moorlife Skin and Body Care product range is completely natural, gentle, effective and suitable for all skin types, including dry sensitive skins.

Moorlife products have had decades of research by eminent European skin specialists, doctors and physicians which has supported the effective action of the concentrated  herbal contents harnessed and developed by Nature thousands of years ago. 

The Moorlife Skin and Body Care range is realistically priced and proven.

 This is a wonderful luxury range containing essential ingredients for health and beauty.

A truly holistic range that you can afford which promotes the appearance of firm, smooth and youthful skin, as well as many health benefits!

The secret of The Moor is the secret of healthy skin - and it all happens below the surface!

Moorlife History

Thousands of years ago in a remarkably fertile Austrian valley the receding Ice Age formed a glacial lake, sweeping surrounding flora into it’s crystal waters.

Over the centuries, hundreds of varieties of herbs and flowers settled to the bottom. Extensive research has discovered over 700 herbs so far. Many of these herbs are traditionally recognized for their medicinal qualities.

Slowly, a biological transformation took place – a process similar to digestion, where the body converts food into absorbable molecules.

Over time, Nature has perfected the formula and converted these precious herbs into highly assimilable organic compounds.

To complete this wondrous process, Nature harnessed the herbal compounds in pure alpine spring water to form what we refer to as the ‘Moor Essence’ from Neydharting.

The 'Moor Essence' which consists of hundreds of healing herbs has been converted naturally into a form which the human body can use.

Over the generations, Moorlife’s unique substance has been treasured by the civilizations of Europe. Since 800 B.C., the ‘Moor Essence’ has been sought after by Emperors and Kings and praised by physicians.

Now you have the opportunity to experience the pure essence of Moorlife products and discover for yourself why it is honoured by those who use it.

The surprising contrast of colours in Moorlife products

The Moorlife range is unique and natural. The remarkable contrasting colours of the product range is proof of its authenticity .

Most of the Moorlife cosmetic creams are brilliant white complemented with a clear liquid toner.

But four products in the Moorlife range do not come in the usual white or clear creams and liquids.

This range has had minimal processing with no added chemical interference by human hands.

You are being introduced to a unique product range that is organic and close to Nature.

Three products come in the beautiful black Moor colour and are of a denser composition than the white creams and toner.

  • Moorlife Mask,

  • Moorlife Elixir and

  • Moorlife Bath

And Moorlife Balm a cream, comes in an appealing healthy natural beige colour, and is also a thicker, denser cream than other creams in the range.

The most frequently asked question is how can the Moorlife products be such a contrast in colours from brilliant white to beautiful black without excessive processing or interference?

The answer is very simple.

The Moor consists of a lake with crystal clear water on the top, a middle level of a darker colour and thicker consistency, and a bottom layer which is the base of the Moor lake which is dense and black.

By separating the layers, the colours are determined, each containing all the beneficial nutrients of the Moor.

Products from the top layer are:

  • Moorlife Skin Toner,

  • The base of the Moorlife Face Cream, Moorlife Body Milk, and Moorlife Silk Anti-ageing Cream; and

  • the partial base for Moorlife Balm

The middle layer comprises the Moorlife Bath.

A percentage of the bottom layer is incorporated into Moorlife Balm, Moorlife Cleansing Bar, Moorlife Mask and Moorlife Elixir drink.

Initial  External Use

The Moorlife skin care range can penetrate deeply and because of this action can be a very beneficial treatment for damaged skin, such as blemished or acned.

After a  simple initial programme to balance your skin, the daily routine use of Moorlife products takes approximately 3 minutes (or less) morning and night. (Instructions for the simple introduction programme, will be sent with your products, so you can start straight away.)

Products required for the initial 3-6 weeks skin balancing programme are

  • Moorlife Cleansing Bar,

  • Moorlife Skin Toner,

  • Moorlife Mask, and

  • Moorlife Face Cream.

 NB: All Comedos (whiteheads) and blackheads will soften and be drawn out during the initial skin balancing programme. You will know by the positive changes in your skin how long you will need to follow the simple initial skin care programme.

Moorlife Skin Care is renown for its skin compatible pH balance, its vast spectrum of useable nutrients and its capacity to draw out toxins.

The Moor has the ability to penetrate the cellular structure of the skin right down to the dermal layer, therefore, in the treatment of damaged skin it begins right at the base - the dermal layer.


CODE #300 – Available in 70g jars


Organic, GMO free, no added chemicals or potentially harmful fragrances

Moorlife Balm is a concentrated source of ‘Moor Essence’ emulsified in a cream base. It is also known as the 'panacea' - remedy for all conditions.

Containing 58% pure ‘Moor Essence’, the Moorlife Balm allows the whole family - from babies through to adults -  to enjoy the benefits of the Neydharting Moor in the convenience of a penetrating cream that can ease and soothe in a unique way.

Moorlife Balm may be used in a daily skin-care programme.

It is slightly heavier in texture than Moorlife Face Cream, but can be used in exactly the same areas.

It can used as...

  • A night moisturiser

  • A body cream

  • First aid cream (cuts, minor burns, minor sunburn, abrasions and grazes).

  • Nappy rash

  • Cradle cap

  • A clearing cream for scarring

  • Dermatitis

  • Itchy irritations

 Moorlife Balm is ideal for sports people, farmers, mountain climbers, fishermen, skiers, etc. as it is used to aid in the protection and prevention of windburn and associated dryness to the skin from enjoying time in the outdoors. 

It is also beneficial to skins that are exposed to long hours in air conditioning.

Sports people find that Moorlife Balm helps to protect the inner thigh area (or areas of the skin that are constantly being buffered, e.g. cyclists, equestrians, etc.) against chafing and assist the mobilization of lactic acid. 

Ingredients: Moor Essence (Alpine spring water organically bound compounds and minerals from herbs) naturally occurring, in a cream base of Anhydrous Eucerine, Almond oil, Lanolin, glycerine, cocoa butter, isopropyl myristate, carame and phenonip.


CODE #301 – Available in 100g bar


Organic, GMO free, no added chemicals or potentially harmful fragrances

The greatest single contribution to skin damage and ageing today is the use of soap as a cleanser.

The Moorlife Cleansing Bar, quite unlike ordinary soap, is slightly acidic and therefore does not disturb the natural acid mantle, which is the skin’s immune defence against bacteria and viruses.

It is very gentle - so gentle it can be used on babies’ tender skin.

The natural oils, waxes, fats and resins extracted from the pure Moor are combined with cacao butter to produce this unique cleansing bar which takes 8 weeks to make by hand.

Enjoy the smooth, soothing luxury of a rich soft creamy lather formed from the saponins of the natural herbal contents while it cleanses, nourishes and moisturizes your skin at the same time.

Leave the Moorlife Cleansing Bar foam on the skin for 60 seconds to allow the Moor Essence to be absorbed to nourish and detoxify the skin.

Moorlife Cleansing Bar may be used as a shaving slip, especially for men with sensitive skins,  as a hair shampoo for people of all ages and to cleanse areas of the body prone to fungus.

NB: When used as an eye make-up remover, excellent results can be achieved.

Ingredients: Naturally occurring waxes, oils and resins extracted from herbal Moor and Cacao butter.


CODE #310 – Available in 200 ml bottles


Organic, GMO free, no added chemicals or potentially harmful fragrances

Moorlife Body Milk is a light and non-greasy stimulating, nourishing and revitalising lotion that moisturizes the skin, and  is refreshing for the whole body.

Moorlife Body Milk is a specially formulated liquid lotion designed not only to nourish the skin, but also as a gentle cleanser for very sensitive dry skins that require just one daily cleanse with the Moorlife Cleansing Bar.

Although Moorlife Body Milk was designed particularly for very sensitive-dry skins, it is ideal to use on all skin types to remove make-up in the evening (especially for busy people) and/or before using Moorlife Cleansing Bar.

To remove make-up apply the Body Milk lotion on to a cotton wool ball, sponge or soft cosmetic tissue, gently remove make-up, then rinse off with warm water.

If applied again, leave on the skin at least 90 seconds to enable the Moor Essence to penetrate and draw any  impurities to the surface to be rinsed away.

Alternatively, Moorlife Body Milk can be used as a gentle cleanser in the morning and used in conjunction with Moorlife Cleansing Bar at night.

For best overall body skin results, use after showering to refresh skin while it is moist, warm and receptive.

Moorlife Body Milk leaves your skin soft, smooth, moist and feeling 'alive'.

Ingredients: Moor Essence (alpine spring water organically bound compounds and minerals from herbs) naturally occurring - Olive derivative, triglyceride, cetylstearyl alcohol, 2-octyldodecanol and isooctylstearate, floral essence and phenonip.

CODE #311 – Available in 200ml bottles


Organic, GMO free, no added chemicals or potentially harmful fragrances

Moorlife Skin Toner is a non-astringent toner that contains all the unique natural Moor properties, which go to work to enhance the appearance of skin tone and texture.

It is best used after Moorlife Cleansing Bar during your daily skin care routine to help restore natural balance and promote a healthy, glowing skin.

After using Moorlife Cleansing Bar, moisten a cotton wool pad or ball and gently smooth or dab the refreshing Moorlife Skin Toner on face and neck.

Moorlife Skin Toner helps to restore the natural balance which promotes a healthy, glowing skin.

Moorlife Skin Toner has many uses:

  • For excessively oily skins, apply to skin 15 to 20 minutes after application of Moorlife Face Cream.

  • For delicate, dry, extremely sensitive or young skins, use as a morning cleanser – best applied with a cotton pad - very popular with teenagers

  • Use just before waxing or other hair removal procedures to soothe and soften skin

  • An alternative to aftershave for both men and women

  • To freshen and fix make-up when used in an atomizer.

  • A final cleanse for eyelashes before tinting

  • A firming toner for face, neck and bust after exercise, a hot shower or sauna.

  • Use in a pump atomizer to spray on areas of your skin that need refreshed and revitalized.

NB: Wonderful to spray on to skin to refresh face and neck after sports activities, or a day in the garden, or while driving long distances, or even during a tiring day in the office, and around the home to clean minor cuts and abrasions.

Ingredients: Moor Essence (Alpine spring water organically bound compounds and minerals from herbs) naturally occurring - Moor water, witch hazel and Moor water distillate and herbal essence.


CODE #330 – Available in 100g tube


Organic, GMO free, no added chemicals or potentially harmful fragrances

Moorlife Mask is the ultimate product for your complete skin care.

This beautiful black face Mask is the very essence of the unique and precious Moor substance and like all the Moorlife products has many benefits.

Created by nature and unchanged by science, it comes to you in its purest form direct from The Moor where it has been used for generations by Europe’s possessors of beautiful skin.

Moorlife Mask is a fast-action product that cleanses deeply, stimulates, nourishes and refreshes your skin within 3-6 minutes, leaving it tingly and feeling ‘alive’. 

After being applied, the Moorlife Mask must be kept moist to obtain the best result.

Best way to do this is to use the Mask in the shower, or use Moorlife Skin Toner, or clean water in an atomizer and spray on to the Mask periodically.

Pamper yourself at least once a week with your own 'at home' facial, or as often as three times a week for problem skins, and as a treat whenever preparing for a special social occasion.

Once you start to use Moorlife Mask, you will quickly become aware of the virtue of using this  natural product.

Men, too, will see that the sheer simplicity of the benefits Moorlife products offer in a natural acceptable way to maintain appearances.

NB: For people with a ‘T’ Zone area, it is only necessary to apply the Moorlife Mask in that area. Moorlife Mask can be used on any area of the body as a spot mask for blemishes (3-6 minutes) or bruising (30 minutes). The easiest way to remove the mask is under the shower – apply prior to showering or bathing.

Ingredients: Shortened analysis: Moor Essence (Alpine spring water organically bound compounds and minerals from herbs) naturally occurring, Albumin 2% - which form 15 essential amino acid groups, inorganic substances (all above are naturally occurring).


CODE #331 – Available in 70g jars


Organic, GMO free, no added chemicals or potentially harmful fragrances

Perhaps no other Moorlife product demonstrates the astonishing properties of the Moor as Moorlife Face Cream.

Moorlife Face Cream is the final step to complete your daily skin care routine.

This product contains the Essence of the pure, natural Moor, and works to restore the natural balance and glowing freshness of your skin, regardless of type.

It literally works beneath the skin, as well as on the skin's delicate surface.

It is an ideal moisturizer, make-up base, night cream, throat cream and an effective eye cream, too.

Very few people have the same skin type all over their face and each skin type can use and absorb from Moorlife Face Cream what it needs in each area – hence, one cream for all skin types and ages.

NB: Apply sparingly. All Moorlife products are concentrated and very economical. Use Moorlife Skin Toner 15-20 minutes after application for an excessively oily skin, if there is some residue.

Ingredients: Moor Essence (Alpine spring water organically bound compounds and minerals from herbs) naturally occurring - in a moisturising cream base of glyceryl stearate, derivatives of Cetearyl alcohol, almond oil, cetylalcohol, glycerine silicone oil, floral essence and phenonip.

CODE #335 – Available in 70g jars


Organic, GMO free, no added chemicals or potentially harmful fragrances

The Moorlife ‘Moor Silk’ Anti-ageing Cream is a specially formulated moisturizer designed to penetrate deeply and at the same time protect exposed skin from environmental conditions. .

It has a high content of the Moor Essence to strengthen, tone and repair exposed skin in a formulation that contains a special blend of fine moisturizers that protect skin from dehydration without being too rich or greasy.

‘Moor Silk’ is an effective moisturizer for the eyes, neck and shoulders, a very active hand cream and light moisturizer for very fine young skins or mature skins under Moorlife Face Cream.

Fast penetrating, 'Moor Silk' leaves the appearance of a more elastic, smoother and youthful look.

'Moor Silk' should not be used directly under powder make-up due to a possible drying effect.

NB: To combat the drying effect of mainstream coloured make-up, it is recommended to apply the stronger moisturizer Moorlife Face Cream over ‘Moor Silk’ before applying foundation on skins of all ages.

Ingredients: Moor Essence (Alpine spring water organically bound compounds and minerals from herbs) naturally occurring - in a moisturising cream base of Avocado, Apricot, Almond oils, polysaccharides, fatty acid ester (amino acids) of olives and coconut.


CODE #345 – Available in 125 ml spray bottles


Organic, GMO free, no added chemicals or potentially harmful fragrances

The Moorlife Hair and Scalp Conditioner is broadly a combination of two Moorlife products - Skin Toner and Penetrating Oil.

This unique product works in four ways to achieve and maintain beautiful hair and a healthy scalp - it nourishes, stimulates, tones and protects both hair and scalp.

After cleansing with Nutracell Hair Cleanse or Moorlife Cleansing Bar, spray the Moorlife Hair and Scalp Conditioner on to towel-dried hair and massage into your scalp.

Do not rinse out.

Moorlife Hair and Scalp Conditioner may be used on both wet and dry hair.

Routine use of this product can extend hair and scalp cleanliness.

In between washes, spray the Moorlife hair and Scalp Conditioner on to the hair and scalp area at least once a day, particularly any problem areas, i.e. alopecia spots.

Massage in as often as possible.

NB: Moorlife Hair and Scalp Conditioner is beneficial for itchy, flakey scalps.

Ingredients: Moor water and Moor essence of the  Skin Toner, combined with the fatty acid esters (amino acids) from coconuts and olives - naturally occurring organic compounds and minerals.

CODE #350 – Available in 125 ml bottles


Organic, GMO free, no added chemicals or potentially harmful fragrances

Moorlife Penetrating Oil is a unique deep penetrating massage oil, which increases vital circulation to the area where it is being applied.

The effect of increasing circulation promotes healing and cellular rebuilding, as well as increasing tone and condition, i.e. elasticity in connective tissue and muscles.

During massage, the penetrating compounds of the Moor essence increases the permeability of tissue, removing stress and tension that can restrict nerve activity that inhibits circulation, as well as preventing vital moisturising agents and nutrients in the body reaching the cell rebuilding layer of the skin.

With regular use, Moorlife Penetrating Oil can help skin and muscles become more flexible and supple by stimulating activity in the fine matrix of nerve ends that lie below the skin and consequently release fatty acids in the area to build a fine protective barrier within the surface layers of the skin.

Moorlife Penetrating Oil is very safe, but is designed as a deep penetrating massage oil. It is not recommended for use around the sensitive and delicate eye area

Ingredients: A combination of fatty acid ester (amino acid) of coconut and olive and Moor Essence (organic compounds, nutrients and enzymes of some 700 healing herbs and plants comprising the Neydharting Moor, suspended in pure alpine spring water).

CODE #380 – Available in 250 ml bottles


Organic, GMO free, no added chemicals or sugars or flavour enhancers

Moorlife Elixir is an organic drink that has an alkalizing effect on the body and is an internal treatment for the skin.

The pH of Moorlife Elixir's organic substance is neutral at 7.

Moorlife Elixir drink can be added to (preferably organic) fruit juices, vegetable juices or smoothies.

Moorlife Elixir is used as a specific treatment for many skin problems but can at the same time also help to improve your general wellbeing. 

Physicians have reported great success with the treatment of stomach ulcers using Moorlife Elixir.

It is also very helpful for colic and reflux conditions, as well as being recommended for arthritic conditions.

Moorlife  Elixir can be very beneficial to relieving the appearance of acne. 

Ingredients: Neydharting Moor (naturally occurring peat-like substance comprising: Alpine spring water, organic compounds and inorganic compounds)

CODE #390– Available in 200 ml bottles

CODE #391 – Available in 1 litre bottles


Organic, GMO free, no added chemicals or potentially harmful fragrances

An excellent over-all luxury treatment for your body to relax muscles and stimulate circulation to rejuvenate your body and skin in your own home.

Moorlife Bath contains all the benefits of a traditional Austrian Spa, favoured by wealthy Europeans for generations - beginning with the patronage of Napoleon and Josephine.

Moorlife Bath has often been referred to as an exchange system - the essence of the Moor drawing toxins out through the skin and at the same time nourishing nerve endings with pre-digested nutrients.

Used as a body relaxant and toner Moorlife Bath can reduce swelling and bruising associated with sprains, etc. and can provide effective relief after minor sunburn.

It can also be used as a scalp treatment for an itchy, flaking scalp.

Moorlife Bath has been known to bring positive benefits to people with rheumatic conditions and other diseases.

Add 100ml of black Moorlife Bath to a standard size bath. It will not leave a 'ring' around your bath or any residue.

NB: After using the Moorlife Bath, many people leave the 'spa' water to cool, then use it to water plants (or feed to animals) to provide them with a nutrient boost!  

Ingredients: Shortened analysis - alpine spring water, organic substances from herbs, albumin2% - which form 15 essential amino acid groups - inorganic substances (all are naturally occurring).


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